Every single caterpillar, has to go through a process of transformation before it turns into a beautiful butterfly;

     Every single child, has to be guided appropriately
              before he or she can turns into a great person

BuzzyBeez™ Study Centre emphasize on every child's individual differences, understand in depth of every little one's needs, and we teach according to everyone's ability.

BuzzyBeez™ Study Center
  • encourages parents to understand their children through our Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence (DMI) Test
  • practises Big Palm by Little Hand,foster the spirit of friendliness
  • set up Reading Corner to cultivate our little one's reading habit
  • establish Scrawling Corner to bring out our kid's wild imagination and creativity
  • provide Parents Charging Station, let parents to learn to be a better parents
  • open Parenthood classes, provide the best opportunity to accompany their kids in a meaningful moment

  BuzzyBeez™ Academic Tuition

Don't have a plan for your kid in this new school term yet? Can't find a fine teacher yet?

Here comes BuzzyBeez™ Academic Tuition to facilitate the best environment to learn about subject like Chinese; English; Bahasa Melayu and Mathematics.

Classes are all in small class ratio, conducted by experienced and school teachers.

Suitable to: Primary school students

Patrick Chia,
7 yrs

I love to attend Miss Tan's Chinese lesson, I play games and learn. Miss Tan read story I love most.

Although sometime Miss Tan could be little harsh to me, but I know she did that for my own good. Thank you! Miss Tan.
Kok Zhi Zhuan,
5 yrs

Daddy, Mommy and I travel from Singapore back to BuzzyBeez every Saturday, to learn Arithmetic Mental and Calligraphy.

I make many friends here. I learn a lot of things here too.
Ng Zhen Ming,
14 yrs

Arithmetic Abacus and Mental is my most favourite subject, because it help me to solve lots of problem in Mathematic.

Since I learn Arithmetic Mental, I can focus and memorize much better; and learn faster than my classmate.
The mediocre teacher tells; the good teacher explains;

The superior teacher demonstrates; the great teacher inspires;

That's why, in BuzzyBeez™, we inspires.